Welcome to the site! This page will intro my skills as a comedian, actor, voice-over actor, corporate professional for audio/video work, improv actor, writer, pilot producer, and general entertainer.

I'm excited you clicked on my page, and if you're not already a fan, I sincerely hope you can enjoy a show and become a fan. Keep this as a favorite to stay tuned to my latest YouTube clips, scheduled shows, and upcoming TV/film projects.

I want to thank all the folks that have been fans for years, and everyone (owners, bookers, comics, family, friends) who has been a huge help so far.

Please check out the links up top, which speak for themselves. Always shoot an email if you're coming to a show. There are special deals at most clubs where I perform, and I want to pass those along to all of you.

Also, follow me on facebook (corey comedy) and twitter (corey comedy).

Best wishes, and Let's Laugh!



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